Our Story


We're a small but mighty mother-daughters trio in Toronto, handcrafting fanny packs and small leather goods using locally sourced upcycled materials. What started off as a fun hobby during the summer of 2020, has become an incredible journey into sustainable fashion and we're more committed than ever to keeping things slow, small and close to home.

Where do you source your fabric?

In Toronto! We've made awesome connections with local designers, cutters, upholstery shops, drapery stores, zero waste communities, and a nearby textile recycling facility. We also source materials in like-new condition from thrift shops, local trades and community donations.

What do you do with your waste after production?

Our smaller scraps get pieced together to make one-of-a-kind patchwork products as well as various accessories. When donated materials aren't the best fit for us, we pass them along to other makers and within our local Buy Nothing group. All the remaining teeny unusable bits are brought to Viking to be properly recycled.