MAS Montreal x Roncy Packs

It's no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting. For me, it is essential to give a second life to my production scraps in order to reduce my environmental impact.

I particularly like the idea of ​​collaborations to do this, especially when it comes to women-led businesses like mine. During the OOAK show in spring 2023, I was seduced by the Roncy bags, and that's when I seriously considered the idea of ​​a partnership.

Nothing better than a fanny pack to transform parts too small for production into an accessory that carries our essentials.

I (Mckenna) came up with MAS to respond to a personal need.

I’ve always been passionate about fashion, loved shopping and adding new pieces to my wardrobe. Alongside my love for clothes, I’ve always had a strong need to stay active, push and challenge myself physically, through cheerleading, my first love, or through CrossFit, my current practice.

It is only in 2016 that I came to realize fashion and sports contradict each other, more often than not. On one side, we’re being presented with very strict beauty standards and trends, and on the other, we’re being told how important it is to be and feel healthy in our body.

As I was feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in my own skin, I was struggling to find clothes to fit my shape. I came to this conclusion: women’s clothing industry has very little to offer to “atypical” bodies. 

Why MAS?

Más means "more" in Spanish. I’ve always been motivated by a strong desire to offer more to my clients: more choice and more attention, which translates into better products and outstanding customer service. When I finally launched the project, I was looking for a short and simple name. That’s when I thought of MAS, which is what I wish to offer you.



MAS Montréal wishes to deconstruct beauty standards by reclaiming a healthier body image.

We bring this mission to life by offering easy to wear pieces that make you feel good about yourself without any compromise. We believe that feeling comfortable in your own skin starts with well-adjusted clothes. Each and every body is unique and we are always working to develop designs that serve and highlight those unique features.

Our fabrics are chosen with the same intention. We only use fabrics that allow our gorgeous clientele to feel comfortable throughout their busy day. MAS Montréal believes everyone should feel free to express their style, regardless of the unrealistic industry standards. 

Visit or follow @masmontreal on IG to learn more.

MAS Montreal x Roncy Packs coming February 2024.
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