I'll Know It When I See It x Roncy Packs



I’ll Know It When I See It™ is a two-woman show creating sweet + slightly snarky paper goods™ + gifts from Vancouver, BC. Our products are sometimes nostalgic, often funny + occasionally Asian-inspired.

We aren't sisters but have been friends for more than 18 years, meeting in design school. Two years of team projects was the perfect incubator for building a business + design partnership.​​​​​​​​ As Canadian born Chinese children of immigrants, we work hard to deliver a relatable mix of nostalgia, humour and insight in our goods, a point of view borne from our multicultural upbringing.

Making space for our culture seemed like a risk but it actually brought the best reward. It has deepened our authenticity in what we create, opening up all these wonderful connections to so many who feel the same resonance.

Supporting local + Canadian businesses is one of our core values + we pride ourselves on being made in Canada. Our goods are produced either here in Vancouver or with manufacturers across the country. We purchase all our supplies from Canadian companies.

Cassie + Christine

To learn more about IKIWISI or to shop their collection, visit their website. 

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