Circular Fashion

At Roncy Packs, we're committed to being a circular business. We care about the end-of-life of our products and here are four strategies to help extend use and reduce waste:


Did your strap break? Is the zipper jammed? Repairs will range from $10-40. Submit this form for a quote.


Oh no! Has your fanny pack suffered irreparable damage? Send it to our home studio! We'll make sure to salvage any parts and recycle the remainder via Viking Recycling. Just get in touch.


No longer using your gently worn fanny pack? Exchange it for a store credit to be used on future purchases (approximately 10% retail value). Submit this form to confirm eligibility.

Seconds / Preloved / Prototypes

In this new section on our website, you'll find gently worn fanny packs (thanks to our trade-in program), one-off designs and new-but-imperfect pieces that have all been marked down.